CrossKeys Vineyards is a family owned and operated winery located in the heart of beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Our approach is to grow, by hand, the highest quality fruit using careful canopy management and yield balance to achieve 100% estate-grown wines that are truly expressive of the varietal and soils here at CrossKeys. Our first vines were planted in 2001 and we have only grown since then. Our 125-acre estate currently houses more than 30 acres of vines with plans for more planting in the future. We currently grow 12 varietals of grapes all used to produce our one of a kind award-winning wines.

Wine Tastings

We offer wine tastings throughout the day. Our knowledgeable tasting room associates will guide you through tasting our wines whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran.

We love large groups and want to make sure your experience at CrossKeys Vineyards is extraordinary. We request that large groups call the vineyard, 540-234-0505, 48 hours in advance to set up a reserved group tasting. The group will have a reserved table, staffing, and a cheese plate included with price.

Group Tasting Cost: $20/person

Winery Tours

Everyday, at 12 pm, we offer educational tours of our wine making process. The tours are guided by our fantastic tasting room associates, and last around 30 minutes. We will provide you with a little history on CrossKeys, the different varietals of grapes that we grow, how we press, produce, store, and bottle our wines. We do not require reservations for the tour, but if you are coming with a group larger than 6 we would appreciate you giving us notice.

Cost: $5

Wine Flights

Red Flight

Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Meritage, Joy Red

Cost: $15

White Flight

Cardonnay, Joy White, Fiore, Viognier

Cost: $15

Mixed Flight

Joy White, Fiore, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot

Cost: $15

Fruit Flight

Apple, Peach, Hops, Scarlett

Cost: $15

Build your own Flight – $15
Current vintages. Excludes wines that are bottle purchase only.

CrossKeys Vineyard Wines

Traditional Wine Tastings


Try our amazing White Wines.

Cost: $6


Try our delicious Red Wines.

Cost: $9


Try our fruit & desert wines. Sweet!

Cost: $7


All of our estate grown, produced, and bottle varietals. (Excludes sweet wines)

Cost: $14

Tasting Notes

CrossKeys Vineyards | Chardonnay

Fermented in stainless steel tanks and French oak barrels. Pleasant bouquet of pear, white flowers, and vanilla. Has a clean acidity and rich mouth-feel that makes it a perfect complement to light seafood or roasted poultry dishes.

CrossKeys Vineyards | Joy White

This refreshing 100% Vidal Blanc wine has beautiful aromas of peaches and pears. After being aged and fermented in stainless steel, it has a great balance between sweetness and acidity; perfect for a hot summer day or paired with spicy Asian or Middle Eastern dishes.

CrossKeys Vineyards | Fiore

This crisp, off-dry rosé has a slight sweetness, with hints of strawberry and grapefruit. Juices pressed off of the skin of Cabernet Franc and Chambourcin are fermented and aged in stainless steel to achieve the beautiful, deep rose color of the Fiore. The slight sweetness makes it a great pairing with feta cheese and salads.

CrossKeys Vineyards | Pinot Noir

Delicate pale purple, ebullient cranberry aroma followed by rose petal and hint of spearmint. Reserved French oak imparts nutmeg and pine resin in the background. The wine is airy but creamy with the characteristic acid appearing toward the back of the palate. Cranberry moves from the nose as well as spicy notes of mace and oregano. Pairs well with pork and spinach

CrossKeys Vineyards | Merlot

This well-balanced, medium-bodied, wine-aged in French and American Oak – has lots of black cherry. This Merlot is on the fruitier side and is complemented with smooth tannins, spice, and lingering fruit on the palate. An excellent pairing with barbecue or beef roast.

CrossKeys Vineyards | Touriga

This lighter-red table wine has soft and smooth tannins. The structure is full of black pepper and blackberry flavors with a hint of sweet chili pepper on both the nose and palate.

CrossKeys Vineyards | Petit Verdot

Dried plum, nyon olive, and wildflowers emerge from this inky violet Petit Verdot. It is a wine in tension – a linebacker in Armani. The characteristic acidity of the grape struggles to push through dense, satin tannins. Burnt chocolate, blackberry, tilled earth linger on the palate – complimented by balsam from a respectful use of oak.

CrossKeys Vineyards | Cabernet Franc

A Classic Old-world Cabernet Franc with deep ruby color, aroma of raspberry jam, and lavender. Palate is dense and lively with more thyme and sour cherry flavor. Pairs well with Blue Cheese and roasted Red Peppers. Aging potential 6-8 years.

CrossKeys Vineyards | Meritage

This classic blend of 38% Petit Verdot, 37% Merlot, and 25% Cabernet Franc has great red fruit extraction and smooth, connected tannins. 16 months in new and used Oak give this wine a smooth, soft finish with notes of vanilla and spice.

CrossKeys Vineyards | Cabernet Sauv

Ethereal aromas of dried figs, blackberry jam, and pencil shavings belie a focused and powerful body. Youthful tannins coat the mouth with a firm grip and acidity amplifies the mouthfeel to a crescendo which slowly evolves into flavors of raspberry, graphite, peppercorn, and nutmeg. This young wine will reward the drinker with decanting and will mellow as it warms. Very high aging potential.

CrossKeys Vineyards | Joy Red

This well balanced barrel-aged wine is perfect for summertime with its fresh, sweet finish, balanced with a touch of acidity; it may be enjoyed chilled or at room temperature. This deep-colored Chambourcin leaves hints of spices and cocoa. Not too heavy on the palate makes this an easy drinking red. A fine complement to simple stews or ripened cheeses.

CrossKeys Vineyards | Tavern

This red garnet wine is made with 100% Touriga Nacional and aged 2 years in French and American Oak barrels. It possesses distinctive aromas of dark cherries and prune with a hint of sweet kumquat or orange peel. The right balance of sweetness and the softness of the tannins combine to create a round palate with a nice jam texture. A lovely pair with any chocolate dessert, dried fruits, and nuts.

CrossKeys Vineyards | Ali D'Oro

The Ali is produced Eiswein style with Vidal Blanc and Traminette grapes, and aged for one year in neutral Oak barrels. This wine has a beautiful golden color with a very smooth honeysuckle flavor and hints of currant and raisin. This dessert wine is wonderful on its own after dinner or can be used to create delicious desserts as well.

CrossKeys Vineyards | Apple d'Vine

Delicate pale purple, ebullient cranberry aroma followed by rose petal and hint of spearmint. Reserved French oak imparts nutmeg and pine resin in the background. The wine is airy but creamy with the characteristic acid appearing toward the back of the palate. Cranberry moves from the nose as well as spicy notes of mace and oregano. Pairs well with pork and spinach

CrossKeys Vineyards | Peach d'Vine

Slightly sweet with a peachy-kick. This Riesling-based wine starts off with a distinctly light and refreshing taste. It’s sure to please in any setting from sitting on the porch sharing a bottle with friends or after dinner with vanilla ice cream.

CrossKeys Vineyards | HOPS

Our estate Viognier dry hopped with Citra, Cascade, and Ahtanum hops results in intense floral and citrus aroma and flavors; familiar to both wine and beer enthusiasts. Ahtanum provides powerful grapefruit and white flower flavors, Citra sweeter flavors like lychee and passionfruit, while Cascade adds deep notes of fresh grass and lime peel. When served chilled it is refreshing and fruity and as it warms more complex hop aromas develop.

CrossKeys Vineyards | Scarlett

A sweet blend of 53 % Merlot, 27 % Cabernet Franc, and 20 % Chambourcin. The rich Merlot provides velvety structure, the CF lends strawberry and spice, while the Chambourcin brings a complex earthiness and enough acidity to make this wine surprisingly light. Pairs perfectly with a nice BBQ or slightly chilled on a hot day.